Let it go!

“Wow – they’ve really let themselves go!”

How many times have you heard that phrase, or even said it to yourself in your head?  It’s not always meant to be cruel, although many times it is.  Sometimes we say it out of concern.  Maybe it’s someone who never leaves the house without a full face of make-up, or always has the perfect hair, but now is seen more often with a bare face and a messy bun.  Maybe it’s a friend, who usually looks totally put together, but is suddenly wearing only sweatpants and ripped t-shirts. Maybe it’s someone who we notice has gained weight.

Often times our first assumption is that these are “bad” changes.  That there is something wrong.  That they must be struggling with something.  That they may have been sick.  That maybe someone in his or her family has been sick.  Something causing them to “let themselves go.”  And sometimes our assumptions are correct.

But maybe, just maybe, this time these changes are actually a GOOD thing.  Maybe instead of letting themselves go, they are letting “IT” go. 

Maybe she has let go of being self conscious of all the minor imperfections in her face, and instead of spending time concealing them, spends extra time at the breakfast table with her high school senior who will soon be off to college.

Maybe he has let go of that high stress job that forced him to dress up every day, and instead is doing something that he loves.

Maybe she’s decided to let go of some of the money she spends at the hair salon every month, and instead is putting that money towards a family vacation that will create lasting memories.

Maybe he or she has let go of constant calorie counting and punishing workouts.  Maybe she has decided to enjoy eating ice cream with her kids again.  Maybe he has chosen to spend more time with his family over going to the gym 6 days a week. Maybe she’s discovered that a casual bike ride with a friend is just as good for her health and even better for her soul.  Maybe she has decided to accept and love her body at the size it naturally wants to be and stop forcing it to be something that it’s not.

Maybe he or she has been letting go of the societal belief that your appearance defines you, and has decided to focus on other priorities in life.

Maybe they have decided to let “IT” go, and are actually much happier because of it.

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